FENS Forum 2020 Glasgow: Outreach Call for IBRO-sponsored YITP


Dear Colleague,

As you may know, FENS chose the UK to host the FENS2020 Forum, which will be held in Glasgow, 11-15 July 2020. This is a huge moment where the spotlight will shine on the UK’s ability to welcome neuroscientists from around the world and promote scientific excellence in the UK.

How to involve your University:
A key event surrounding FENS2020 is the IBRO-sponsored Young Investigator Training Program (YITP): ambitious, talented students from around the world apply to receive funding to come for a short 2-3 week placement in UK laboratories. This program has been enormously successful for students and hosts at previous FENS Forums (e.g. see here) and we want this to continue whilst the UK is hosting FENS2020.


What is this programme?

  • British Neuroscience PIs invite young investigators (masters and PhD/MD students or junior postdocs) from around the world to come work in a UK host lab for 2-3 weeks preceding the FENS Forum held in Glasgow 11-15, July 2020
  • After a competitive selection process, successful YITP applicants receive a €1,000 grant towards travel & accommodation whilst in the UK

Benefit to British Neuroscience and host PI:

  • Scientific outreach/training: applicants are from less-developed countries
  • Short, focused projects
  • Recruit top students and postdocs who already have skillsets
  • Make new links with overseas research groups
  • A chance to showcase the very best of British Neuroscience

Requirements of the applicant for the placement:

  • A master or PhD/MD student or young postdoctoral fellow (max. 8 years post PhD or MD)
  • Not currently working in a British laboratory
  • Registered at FENS2020
  • Submitted an abstract as first author to FENS2020

Benefit to the student:

  • Meet senior and junior scientists
  • Learn new techniques, data analysis, etc.
  • Advance career prospects, initiate new networks and collaborations
  • Experience new culture

What we ask of you, the host PIs:

  • Pledge to host an in international student for 2-3 weeks preceding the FENS Forum held in Glasgow 11-15, July 2020
  • Prepare a 2-3 sentence project description that is appropriate for a 2-3 week project
  • Email the pledge and project description to Louise Tratt (office@bna.org.uk) and Dr. Tommy Younts (younts@ucl.ac.uk)
  • YITP placements will be advertised via the BNA & FENS websites, social media etc., with students invited to submit their applications
  • After the competition is closed (~6-8 months before FENS2020), host labs choose the best matches from the applicant pool
  • Successful YITP applicants receive €1,000 grant
  • Host the student for 2-3 weeks preceding the FENS Forum

We really need your help in continuing to promote scientific excellence in the UK. Please do not hesitate to contact myself or the FENS Forum 2020 Host Society Committee with any questions you may have. Thank you in advance for your help! We really appreciate your time.

Circulated on behalf of the FENS2020 Glasgow Host Society Committee.