Neurocourses: Human Brain Anatomy Course

A comprehensive introduction to structural and functional neuroanatomy

This highly popular three-day course has been running since 2007 and provides a comprehensive introduction to structural, functional and radiological brain anatomy, providing delegates with a solid, three-dimensional understanding of the human brain and its relationship to cross-sectional (MRI) anatomy.

MerseyLune Seminar: We only search efficiently for two targets when there is no alternative

Prof. Kyle Cave, University of Massachusetts:

We are very good at searching for a visual object in a complex scene when we know its colour, because we can quickly guide our eyes and our attention to locations in the scene that have that colour. When we search for either of two different targets, however, we do not always search efficiently, and thus took longer to find the target. In a series of experiments, we found that subjects searching for two different colours often fixated colours that were very different from either target.

Neurocourses: Limbic Brain Anatomy Course

This exciting and popular 2-day course focuses on the the anatomy of the “limbic” brain including the topography and functional anatomy of the limbic lobe, hippocampus, amygdala and ventral striatum – and clearly explains notoriously confusing topics such as the basal forebrain, septal area, habenula, olfactory areas, extended amygdala.