CANS Meeting: Samatha Brooks

Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience research group meeting

Dr Samantha Brooks

The rising trend of internationally competitive research into the cognitive control of impulsivity reflects the importance of examining the neural mechanisms of impulse control.  The rising trend might be due to impulse control deficits contributing substantially to the increase in serious mental and physical disorders that are prevalent globally. Impulse control, the tendency to prevent actions that are harmful to self and others, is fostered by prefrontal cortex executive functions – such as working memory (WM) – interacting with limbic processes.  This interaction is referred to in a growing body of publications by terms like cognitive control, cognitive inhibition, affect regulation, self-regulation, top-down control, and cognitive–emotion interaction. Against this background, I describe the novel international approaches my collaborators and I have taken to tackle this important issue, that has led to over 70 publications examining cognitive control from the perspective of anorexia nervosa through to substance use disorder.

Liverpool Neuroscience Day 2018

LND2018 – June 15 2018

Speakers & Programme Posters Registration Venue

Liverpool Neuroscience Group hosted the 5th Liverpool Neuroscience Day in partnership with Liverpool John Moores University, the University of Liverpool and The Walton Centre.

The meeting took place on Friday 15th June 2018 at the Johnson Foundation Auditorium in LJMU’s award-winning John Lennon Art and Design Building.

The aim of Liverpool Neuroscience Group is to explore the breadth and depth of research activity in brain and behavioural sciences across the city and beyond. The meetings foster collaborations and celebrate neuroscience research, and have proven to be an excellent opportunity for the many local neuroscience groups and researchers to showcase their findings, share ideas and network.

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Our plenary speaker was be Professor Joe Herbert (University of Cambridge). The complete programme features prominent researchers and clinicians from across the city region.

LND2018 Programme (pdf)

LND2018 Speakers’ Abstracts

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LND2018 Poster List

LND2018 Poster Abstracts

A small number of the abstracts submitted by postgraduate students & early-career researchers were also selected for 5 minute oral presentations during the Data Blitz sessions. These presentations were designed to complement (not replace) the poster.

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John Lennon Art and Design Building
Duckinfield Street, Liverpool, L3 5RD
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