LHU, MerseyLune Seminar on Cognititive Psychology & Neuroscience

The initiative was started by Prof. Galina Paramei, a vision scientist from Liverpool Hope University.

The series is intended to bring together the Cognitive Psychology & Neuroscience community of the three Liverpool universities and the universities not distant from Merseyside on occasions when renowned colleagues from abroad give their talks. Currently the initiative of Liverpool Hope University is joined by Schools of Psychology at the University of Liverpool (Dr. Marco Bertamini), Liverpool John Moores University (Prof. Andy Tattersall), Lancaster University (Prof. Padraic Monaghan), University of Central Lancashire (Prof. Linden Ball) and Edge Hill University (Dr. Motonori Yamaguchi).

One of the main aims of the seminar series is to consolidate research activity of Cognitive Psychologists of Merseyside and North-West England around a research seminar of excellence, with invitation of world-leading experts in the field of Cognitive Science reporting on their studies at frontiers of the discipline.