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001-2229/04/2022Hyland-MonksSelf-Paced Endurance Performance and Cerebral Haemodynamics of the Prefrontal Cortex: A Scoping Review of fNIRS Methodology and Findings
002-2202/05/2022FrauCognitive Reserve, Depression and Executive Functions in Younger and Older Adults
003-2203/05/2022PowellYoung, drunk, and fast: the paradoxical effects of hazardous drinking on cognitive performance in younger adults
004-2204/05/2022CadoganZNF91 and KAP1 Binding Localise to SVA Retrotransposons at Neurodegenerative Disease Relevant Loci
005-2204/05/2022BarkerInvestigating how ANCL-causing mutations lead to neurodegeneration
006-2208/05/2022BurtWhat do contemporary findings in hemisphere differences tell us about the nature of mental illness? A Literature Review
007-2212/05/2022KuiperTesting the Utility of Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy in Detecting Neurocognitive Changes in Alcohol Dependence
008-2213/05/2022RapteasA cross-sectional observational study exploring somatosensory phenotype and its relation to corneal nerve fibres in fibromyalgia
009-2213/05/2022SunInvestigating hippocampal synaptic deficits in the sub-chronic phencyclidine rat model for schizophrenia
010-2216/05/2022FröhlichCharacterisation of the Function of a SINE-VNTR-Alu Retrotransposon to Modulate Isoform Expression at the MAPT Locus
011-2216/05/2022JonesExploration of the potential for G4 structure formation in a polymorphic regulatory domain of the CFAP410 gene and its ability to modify expression
012-2217/05/2022AljuraysiTrappc9 deficiency in mice recapitulates human disorder of microcephaly and is associated with lipid droplet abnormalities in neurons.
013-2218/05/2022TomasAlzheimer’s disease related phenotypes in a new conditional knockout mouse model for the transcription factor REST
014-2219/05/2022SunEarly impairment of hippocampal synaptic plasticity in the TgF344-AD rat model for Alzheimer’s disease
015-2219/05/2022FacerRegional cerebellar morphometric alterations in early Parkinson’s disease
016-2219/05/2022ShatunovGenome-wide association study of rare variants in HERV-elements of ALS patients: age at onset of ALS may be regulated by MLT1B HERV-element.
017-2220/05/2022JauregiRecency ratio in story recall predicts left hippocampal volume in older adults with and without cognitive impairment
018-2220/05/2022SladeThe impact of age-related hearing loss on structural neuroanatomy: a meta-analysis
019-2220/05/2022AlwashmiBehavioural improvement and functional brain changes in multisensory integration after audio-visual training in virtual reality
020-2220/05/2022WaliThe utility of leukocyte differential in infectious and inflammatory conditions of the Central Nervous System (CNS)?
021-2220/05/2022AlotaibiRapid time scale microstructural changes in the human brain during learning new language
Unique IDDateLastAbstract Title